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I saw these and fell in love with them so I had to get some to make and sell. They have been going pretty good on my cafe groups (knock on wood) lol...

I am going to make dresses and sell these with the dresses on e-bay and individually. (Cory doesn't knwo but I am taking all the money and saving for something special for us to go do for our anniversary!)

oh my!

Cory and I were laying in bed discussing names last night...girls and boys. Again, we could only agree on the three girl's names. (emma, shawna, and jade....at least if this is a boy, we will have girls names lined up for next time if we have one. lmao) For boys, we were talking and though seth isn't out of the running what-so-ever (still our fav boys)I like evan, he likes jason, and he also likes EWIN?! What?! Um, ok but NO! Sorry I told him, im not naming my kid that....then he asked me if Emmanuel was a Mexican name. LMAO....I told him that it was more because Manuel for short and i didn't like that name for this baby anyways. I think we are going to narrow in on a few names and have a good look at him/her before we decide :) i still really like Seth Allen! (or Evan Maurice. lol)

Jul. 28th, 2009

FINALLY finished sewing both dresses...had a mishap with the bird tonight and had a momentary freak out but I am hoping is better now!

Couldn't Help Myself!

Got this for an amazing deal.... $7.99 with $3.99 shipping. (Considering its John Lennon!!) I want to go all John Lennon with this baby...that and blue and brown / green and browns.
I love this little boy. And he is SOO his father's child. Anytime cory sees me set down any money (dollar bills or silver) he is all over it. By the time I come back for it a few minutes later, it is already in his pocket!! Funny thing is he always leaves the pennies but takes the larger change. . . . Jake is now taking after him. Since he is just starting out though, he doesn't care what the change is, pennies, nickles, dimes, anything. He has a piggy bank that is in his wooden doors in his room out of Mecah's reach and whenever he sees change, he shows us and asks us if he can put it into his piggy bank. Of course we say yes but what I want to know is WHERE this child is finding all this change! one day he comes to me with 6 pennies in his hand at once asking if he can put it in there. Then, the next day he sees the change I emptied out of cory's work pants before I washed them and says, "My money!" LOL. He would have had to fight cory had he been awake because they were mostly quarters. LMAO!! They are sooo cute. He reminds me of his dad more and more.


Wow, dinner was AWESOME today. The glaze turned out soooo good and sweet, we were dipping our rice, ham, and veggies in it. lol. I gave cory some leftover ham and rice to work for him and the guy he works with and we still have SO much left over its ridiculous. Tomorrow I am dicing it up and putting it in a scalloped potato casserole in the oven.

16 Weeks and Counting!

16 weeks pregnant, feeling the baby flutter about finally, and getting more and more excited! Going to find out in about 2 weeks the sex for sure so im still trying to think both boy sand girls names...not throwing our pretty girl's names out of the pic quite yet.

Jul. 25th, 2009

I realize now how much I missed cooking (though I would have hated it when I was SOOO sick and not able to keep anything down). this morn I woke up and started making Maple Sausage McMuffins with cheese and for lunch, they had pepperoni on sale at Walmart so I am making the kid's english muffin pizzas. For dinner, I am using the rest of the chicken from last night for chicken and rice batittos. Cory sure is a happy man now!!

On the Menu Tonight...

Lets see....

A Chicken Roasted in the oven with herbs and seasonings
stir fry veggies
rice pilaf
garlic bread

I haven't cooked in a while like this so I figured it was about time I got back into the kitchen with a bang!


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